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the reference for ReignMaker, Tower of Elements and Dungeon of Elements written by the players.
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The Game

Dungeon of Elements is an RPG dungeon crawler by Frogdice with combat inspired by some of our favorite classic puzzle games like Dr. Mario or Tetris. In Dungeon of Elements (DoE), core meets casual as we combine many different styles of gameplay in a fun, immersive experience. While trundling through dungeons, ruins, and 45 different environments, you will defeat over 60 enemy types, collect pets, craft items, weapons, and armor through alchemical experimentation, build your bestiary, and more.

The Story

Fire, Water, Earth, and Air - elements of creation or tools of despair. Alchemists wield them with talent and skill, to strengthen the mighty or heal the ill. The practice of alchemy was respected and grand, with Guilds that prospered throughout the land.

In the time of the Sundering, kingdoms fell, and Alchemy Guilds collapsed as well. Quacks and charlatans peddled their wares, posing as alchemists at markets and fairs. The practice of alchemy was no longer trusted, so their labs were abandoned and cauldrons rusted.

King Rand rose to power, against the Void threat. He unified the continents putting all in his debt. The Void were pushed back and cities grew, the people prospered with hope renewed.

Trade resumed and guilds returned. But alchemists still were mistrusted and spurned. One Alchemist Guild seeks to change this view, and towards that end they've recruited you.

Ruins and dungeons, tombs and mines, you'll explore them all and bring back what you find. In your cauldron, mix the plunder you brought. Unlock knowledge too long forgot. Restore the Guild to power and glory. Begin the adventure: this is your story.

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