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Disambig.png This article is about ReignMaker. For Tower of Elements information, see ToE Gear.

This is TOWER OF ELEMENTS information that needs to be changed/updated for ReignMaker!

Use your looted gold to buy one unit of any type of gear. Gear is expendable. Whenever you use a piece of gear in battle it is consumed and must be replaced. Gear is very powerful and does not have to be empowered by making matches like spells. It can be used at will. The Amplifier is the only type of gear that has a cooldown between uses.

Direct Damage[edit | edit source]

This type of gear simply does damage to monsters.

Icon Name Unlock Cost Description
Shortsword.png Shortsword lvl 5 100 A shortsword does a little bit of damage to the bad guys.
Bone Longsword.png Bone Longsword lvl 22 250 The bone sword was carved from the large leg of something. Sharpened to a cruel blade, it takes out your enemy
Silver Longsword.png Silver Longsword lvl 36 500 This nifty silver longsword that sparkles with every slash! Nifty!

Barrier[edit | edit source]

These types of gear will prevent monsters from moving past them. They will have to attack the barrier until it is destroyed.

Icon Name Unlock Cost Description
Attack Dummy.png Attack Dummy lvl 6 350 A big stuffed dummy that blocks your enemy's attack.
Blockade.png Blockade lvl 32 600 A wall of hewn stone that stops the enemy in his tracks.

Stun[edit | edit source]

Stun types of gear will stun a monster in place for a brief period of time. Monsters behind them will have to wait for the stun to wear off before they can move as well.

Icon Name Unlock Cost Description
Fishing Net.png Fishing Net lvl 8 150 A well crafted fishing net knotted to be sturdy and serviceable. This will hold your enemy in place for awhile!
Web.png Web lvl 46 300 A deceptively strong sheer web that immobilizes your enemy.

Slow[edit | edit source]

Grease is targeted to a location on the battlefield and will slow the progress of any moster walking through it. Frost Wand slows a specific monster and also does damage to it.

Icon Name Unlock Cost Description
Grease.png Grease lvl 11 200 This black goopy glob of grease slows down your enemy while making a mess.
Frost Wand.png Frost Wand lvl 42 1,000 This white glittering wand of frost spews out a freezing attack.

Area of Effect[edit | edit source]

Grenado does area effect damage. Amplifiers places a device on the battlefield that will cause any magic bolt passing through it to get copied into multiple bolts that cross multiple lanes.

Icon Name Unlock Cost Description
Grenado.png Grenado lvl 16 1,000 Drop a grenado and cause a world of hurt.
Amplifier.png Amplifier lvl 26 1,500 Drop an amplifier on the field, and it will turn one magic ball into ten!