Tower of Elements

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Tower of Elements is an innovative match 3, tower defense, role playing game. Play an elementalist who commands a magical tower against a relentless horde of monsters trying to breach your kingdom’s walls. It spiritual successor is ReignMaker.

Make strategic matches to launch powerful, elemental bolts at the Void Army. Gain experience to learn mighty spells and gather gold to buy epic gear and deadly siege weapons.

Collect scrolls with information about your foes to compile a bestiary that will aid your kingdom in preparing its defense.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Fast paced match 3 with strategic tower defense.
  • Collectible monster cards.
  • 24 spells & 11 pieces of gear.
  • High level spells and gear are impressively epic.
  • 90 levels.
  • 10 chapter story in the world of Primordiax.